Eric Church - Lovin Me Anyway chords

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DROP D tuning

intro: G,C,D

oh whoa whoa x3

No one will blame you tomorrow,
G       C                      D                  
If you packed your things and hit that open road,
Ended up in the Bahamas, 
           C             D         
With an address that only your momma would know
Yeah I can lie and say, 
C                          Am               D
This time I'm gonna change but we both know better


D           G                C          
I'm like a ship out on the ocean, 
             Am                   D
Cussing the waves but loving the motion, 
D            G                 C
Chasing a star, don't always shine,
            Am            D   
Getting far out, falling behind,
        C                        D
I know loving me has never been easy,
            G                        C
I'm like a wild card that's hard to play,
C                           D              
But I wanna thank you for loving me anyway,

oh whoa whoa x 3

same chords for the next verse and chorus

Now the bridge:(your could either play D continuously or play G,C,Am,D in whatever pattern)

Yeah through the ups and downs and sideways,
Aww the I gotta have it my ways,
Yeah the crazy nights and dog days,
You kept on loving me anyway
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