Eric Clapton - I Want A Little Girl chords

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I want a little girl 
By:  Murray Mencher and Billy Moll
Performed by:  Eric Clapton
Tabbed by: Shasta007

G#                         Cm7b5
I want a little girl, to call my own.
C#m                             C#m7  
She must be someone, whose all alone now.
G#7   F#7              F7   Bb          D#      F7  Bb D#    (G# Blues fill)
Say, I want a little girl, to fall in love with me, oh yeah.

G#                         Cm7b5
I want a little girl, she may not look
C#m                                         C#m7  
Just like the picture, a picture, in the story book.
G#7   F#7          F7    Bb         D#                F7  Bb D#    (G# Blues fill)
If she can cook chicken, yeah yeah, she suits me to a T, oh yeah.

G#                        C          D# 9   D9        C#9
She donít have to wave her hair, (AHH , AHH , AHH , AHH)

C#m                  C#m7    C#9     C9  B9   Bb9
Or even wear fancy clothes (AHH , AHH , AHH, AHH) 
Bb             G#mb5     D#               E     D#    (G# Blues fill)
I wouldnt even care, if she didnít where nylon hose, oh!!!

G#                         Cm7b5                  (adlib G# Blues lick after every line)
I want a little girl, who loves me a lot
C#m                                       C#m7
You know that I would give her, everything that I got

G#7   F#7              F7   Bb          D#      G#  A G#      
Say, I want a little girl, to fall in love with me

Riff notes; I recommend G# Blues in the forth position, 
Begin the lick on 4th or 1st degree, 
make sure to fill with 1,4, 5 and 7 degree notes 
and end on root or 5th. 

This by no means is the exact guitar version as played by Andy F.Low.  
Most of the chords are presented by their quality; therefore, I have omitted 
flattened / sharpened 5th, 7th  and 9th chord voicings.  Although I believe 
that this version is 95%, there is definitely room for improvement and personal 
additions.  I just want to thank all of you that post;   you definitely have 
made my life more enjoyable with your hard work and selflessness.  
I really hope this version brings you a lot of applause and truck loads of 
shits and giggles.
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