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Eric Hutchinson - Back To Where I Was tab

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Back to Where I Was  Eric Hutchinson

I play the G like this 320030

    C              Am
G|--0-0-0---0-0------2-2-2---2-2------|| Pattern used for verse as well

Verse 1
C                                   Am
New life decides to come through the front door
C                                   Am 
and makes us wish we'd shown respect before 
G                    F          C
though i don't have much of a choice
G            F            Am 
i resolve to regain my voice 
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and oh,
F    G          Am  F        G                  Am      
if i only just begin to understand it that's because 
F   G                        Am               F
everytime i time i start to change my mind again 
F          G                 C
it gets me back to where i was 
F          G                 C
it gets me back to where i was

Verse 2
new life decides we never had a clue 
the two of us deciding what to do 
though my hands are all but tied 
i rebound so i can say at least i tried 


Am                G      Dm                                   F                 
and long as i'm allowed i'll change my mind that's what it's for
F                          C 
i'm getting older but i'm still the same
F             C        G
i'm just not thinking anymore 


F          G                 C
it gets me back to where i was 
F          G                 C
it gets me back to where i was

Tabbed By Will S
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