Erik Santos - My Only Radio chords

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Di po ako sure sa mga Chords ko..mwahaha
Pm me nlang kung may mali gusto ko dn malaman saktong chords
hope ul lyk it.. ^______^

         My Only Radio (MOR theme song)

       D                A
You're always there when i need you
       Bm               A
Always there to see me through
       G             Em
You've never let me down
   G                    A-A7
A friend that's always around.
You've been with me through good and bad.
                A             Bm
Through all the seasons in my life
       G                 D             
You've pick me up you've made me glad
        G                           A
Through all the good times that i've ever had.
   D         A       
My only radio for life
              Bm              A
With you i've never had to be alone
   D          A
My only radio for life
            Bm                    A
You are the best friend i've ever known
 Bm                         A  
Things may change, love may come and go
    G         Bm     E
But one thing that i know
    G           Bm-A       D
You are my only radio, for life 

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