Erin Mccarley - Pony chords

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This is my first tab! Feedback is greatly appreciated, & if something is wrong, 
feel free to let me know! Enjoy! :)

Intro: Am - C - G - F (2x)

     Am               C
You hold your head up to the sky
       G            F       Am      C
Ya say What kind of blue are you?
G     F
Are You?
         Am           C
Then you ride a pony 'round and 'round
      G         F        Am         C  
It's digging a hole right through,
G       F
Right through
      Am           C    
You stumble down a yellow brick road
G             F           Am      C
Spinning your shoes in the air
        G     F
The air
        Am                      C
Then you, hold your breath and count to nine
G                 F                Am    C
Hoping that soon somebody will find you
    G     F
Find you

F                    C             G
Go on, go on, go on, the stars are watching
F                             C           G
Just say, just say, just say, what you're feeling
You know, you know, you know,
C                 G             Dm
You gotta take a bow and do it your way
C        G
It's ok -ay
Am             F
La dada dadada dadada 
C        G
It's ok -ay
Am             F
La dada dadada dadada

[Continue Am - C - G - F pattern, it repeats through the verse]

You're fifteen miles over the speed
You're going fast as ya can off to your daydream
On your mark get set hurry away
You'll have a serious talk with your champane


It's time for you to prove,
G                      C                   Dm
Within your ruby shoes you, deserve a smile with no regret
Am              G
And look at you kicking off your shoes
C                Dm
Dancing for the world to see
Am                       G
Got the power to believe now open up and see
C                  Dm
And go be free and fly away -aa-aaaaa


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