Erin Mckeown - Born To Hum chords

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This is my first attempt at tabbing a song by ear. The song's chords are pretty 
simple. The picking makes it a little more interesting, but I didn't try to tab that.

TITLE: born to hum
ARTIST: erin mckeown (

CF (4x)

C                        F
once in the spring of my 24th year

C                F
i had nothing to say.

with a dangling promise and

a terrible past

C                     F
i threw all the words away.

Em      F       C     F
we were born to hum.

C                       F
you were the last in my 24th year

C                      F
to make a demand of my voice.

i tickled your ear and

i laughed in your face and

i gave you my choice.

Em      F       C    F
we were born to hum.

Em      F       C    F
we were born to hum.

(lots of picking here, along with the artist saying "hum". it follows the chord 
pattern from the rest of the song...C, then F)

it's a gradual running,

a kind of release

C                    F
that's settled on my face.

C                F
once in awhile i complain to myself,

nothing gets done!

nothing's in place!

Em          F      C    
but i would rather hum.

Em      F      C
i would rather hum.

(picking, "hum", C F chord pattern at the end)
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