Ernie Halter - Come Home To Me chords

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Hi! This is the song that JB is covering, but anyways.. I love this song, and it is really great! 

I actually got these chords from Ernie himself. enjoy :)

Intro: G Bm Am D7

Come home to me
Come home to me
Back into my arms
Home where you belong
Come home to me
Come home to me
If home is where you are
          C              D7     G   
Then home is way too far away

Verse 1:

Am                                                  D7
The TV light of blue and white, I just canít fall asleep and I
     G                                  Em
Move over to the space where you should be
Am                         D7
Even halfway seems so far, over mountains and diamond stars
Am                                 D7
And everybody has their own way home...


Verse 2:
Am                                D7
All my life I dreamed of love, but never thought it would hurt this much
   G                              Em
To kiss goodbye and wait for your return
Am                                 D7
I'll be strong and hold on to the, picture and the thought of you
Am                            D7
Getting all the love that you deserve...

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