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Eugene Mcguinness - Monsters Under The Bed chords

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Song: Monsters Under The Bed
Artist: Eugene McGuinness

Tuning: E A D G B e


Am             G6           Cmaj         D5          F         Bb

e|-0--       e|-0--       e|-0--       e|-x--      e|-1--     e|-1--
B|-1--       B|-0--       B|-1--       B|-3--      B|-1--     B|-3--
G|-2--       G|-0--       G|-0--       G|-2--      G|-2--     G|-3--
D|-2--       D|-0--       D|-2--       D|-0--      D|-3--     D|-3--
A|-0--       A|-2--       A|-3--       A|-x--      A|-3--     A|-1--
E|-x--       E|-3--       E|-x--       E|-x--      E|-1--     E|-x--

Capo 2nd Fret


         Am   G6     Cmaj   D5   
There are so many hours in the day

    Am      G6       Cmaj     D5
I know I've got work to do but hey

  Am        G6      Cmaj  D5  D5
My will to move, or even use my brain

   Am       G6        Cmaj        D5
Is weathered by the eternal english rain

  Am     G6         Cmaj       D5 
And when the talk show ends, I scream

   Am         G6       Cmaj         D5       
Right at the screen for more pregnant teens

   Am       G6    Cmaj    D5  D5
I can't fall asleep it's almost 3

  Am        G6       Cmaj      D5    
So I water the flowers out on the street


D5            Bb            F        G6
And I spent 5 hours on the net last night

D5            Bb               F             G6
Avoiding the monsters under my bed with square eyes

Am   G6    Cmaj   D5 x2

Verse 2 is shorter than Verse 1 but it has the same chords, so listen to the song for timing.


The Bridge has the same chord progression has the chorus, again listen to the song for timing.

Final Verse

Finish on Am

Comment if you have any questions or corrections, both are welcome.

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