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Eugene Mcguinness - Vampire Casino chords

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Capo at second fret 


            C            E
your lucky numbers arrive
In the roll of the dice
        D7           G                         C
In the fire of your eyes where there once was love

                        C                E
I heard they kicked you out to the back road
Of the Vampire Casino
         D7               G                  C
Still clutching thirteen chips and spitting blood

          Fm               G
You were climbing up a decent din
    C      E           Am
A scarlet tear-drunk singing
         D7          G            C
'One day I will make the women throw'

         Fm               G                 C
You were dialling up more endless ghosts of your past
    E          Am
But it's left ringing
          D7             G                      C
'Cos they see your name appear when the screen glows

G                 C              E
Did you hear the laughs and the gasps
From a cast in the play
You were a hit
            G               C
You were off-script and in love

G                C       E
It was just two hours to go
Before the Vampire Casino
          D7           G                     C
Took your hat, sat you down and sucked your blood
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