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Ever Stays Red - Glorify tab

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Band: Ever Stays Red
Song: Glorify (chords version)
Tabbed : Anto84

D  =     000232
Dadd9=   000230
Asus/Db= 000220
"D2"=    000250
"D3"=    040230
A  =     002220
Bm =     224432
G  =     320030
"B4"=    020020


 D9     As                D2

When I walk with You Lord

        As D9           As D9

I find my peace of mind

 D9     As                  D2

And when I walk with You Lord

        As D9          D3

I find my place in life
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 Bm         A                G

Everyday I will follow after You...  (repeat)


   A        A              A

Everyday I will follow after You


 Bm  D      G   B4

I will glorify You

 Bm  D      G

I will testify Your name...   (repeat)

 G              A          A

...testify Your name Your name ...

   D                         Bm

When the sun sets on the water


And I see You walking there...  (repeat)

   G                A

...I will meet You there Lord
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