Everly Brothers - So Lonely chords

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So Lonely

D#6                  G#sus4                          D#6 G#sus4 
Every time I see you walking down the street with my girl
D#6                   G#sus4                     D#6 G#sus4
I get a funny feeling when I see you out with my girl

C#       Fm
I get so lonely
C#       B              C#
I get so lonely without you
B                C#                
I get lonely for you

See you everyday and now I realize you're not mine
I know I just can't think of anything to do with my time

Fm     C#           Fm     C#
Waiting, oh how Iím waiting
Fm    C#         Fm  
Waiting for your loving, 
F#j7                     Fm
To keep me satisfied forever
F#j7                   Fm         
To keep me satisfied forever

If you get tired of her, just send her right on back to my arms
And then we'll start anew and know that we never will part


by: Josť Duarte
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