Everly Brothers - My Baby chords

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My Baby
Iíll ride on a freight train, find a place for my head
Iíll walk the new highway with your back on my bed
 			    D	                   A7
I need to be there when you need me, such a lovely sun
My baby

You laugh, cry, to put things together
Then you sleep, you wake, look at the weather
      D				    A7 
For a while you just open up your eyes
My baby

You seem to grow so fastI canít catch the dream
That lasts inside the dream that youíre dreaming
When youíre sitting on my knee
My baby

So daddyís dream will have to be there
While heís gone to be in dreams you will see someday
I know theyíll make you smile
My baby

Verse 1

PS: Don Everly's solo song

by: Josť Duarte
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