Everly Brothers - Some Sweet Day chords

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Some Sweet Day 
E          B7   E          B7
Some sweet day, some sweet day
E                         A
Iím gonna hold you like I want to
Am                       E
Iím gonna kiss you like want to
Iím gonna love you like I need to
B7         E
Some sweet day

Some sweet day you will say
That you have started dreaminí of me
That you love no one else above me
Iíll find a way to make you love me
Some sweet day

E                                                           A  
I hope it wonít be long Ďtil I can take you and make you my very own
       Am                                                B7
ĎCause baby-doll I get so tired of wishing and dreaminí alone

Some sweet day, some sweet day
Youíll get that twinkle in your eye love
You gonna look at me and sigh love
And then youíll tell me that youíre my love
Some sweet day
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