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Every Mothers Son - Pony With A Golden Mane chords

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Pony With A Golden Mane:Every Mother's son.
#41 RPM Canada and #93 on BB Hot 100 on
MGM Records in 1967.
(Simillar message to that of 'Puff The Magic
 Dragon'..about childhood lost. And, no, neither
 was about smoking marihuana/drugs.)


D           A          E
Once, was a boy and he rode through the meadows
     D           A      E
on a pony with a golden mane.
D       A           E                       G
Fun and joy was the mare to the boy as they rode 
off together through the lane.

D      A              E                          D
Sun or rain they were always could never 
         A    E
find the boy alone.
D      A               E          Dbm         G
Love indeed, meant the boy to the steed and together, 
they could stand on their own.


D        A             E                        D
Then one day they were riding together when the little 
    A               E
boy jumped from his mare.
D          A           E                         G
Dressed in lace came a pretty little face with a pretty 
little bow in her hair.

D          A           E                      D
Walked her back to the banks of the river but returned to 
         A    E
find the pony gone.
D                 A              E                Dbm
Cried through the night and when dawn brought the light..
        G                         A
then he knew of how it hurt to be grown.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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