Everyday Sunday - Ill Get Over It tab

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I'm not sure if it's correct but I'm pretty sure.
have fun!!

C  F  Am  F

Verse 1:
She came over last night 
and said she wanted to talk 
         Am			F
But I didn't think she seemed herself 
She wore my favorite blue shirt 
and tonight I knew 
           Am			F
I didn't wanna be with anyone else 

Verse 2:
And then the next 10 minutes 
of my life were a blur 
      Am                     F
I couldn't believe what she said 
                 C                                  F
She said she thought that we might be better off friends 
             Am                      F
I said I thought I'd be better off dead 

Knees are shaking 
and these palms are sweating 
while this heart is breaking 
  C F Am C  (or something Iím not sure)
can this be ordinary love? 

C       G         Am   
Whoa Whoa 
Am			  F		        C       F
Just close your eyes, it'll all be over soon    

Verse 3:
        C	           F
Now I'm sitting here, trying to find inside 
Am                      F
all the right words to say 
       C                         F
But I'm still choking from the fumes 
Am                    F
from when she drove away

Repeat bridge and chorus several times
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