Ewan Maccoll - Joy Of Living chords

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Ewan MacColl - Joy Of Living

Original starts on A (ie 3 semitones below this) but
I've transposed it to make the chords easier.

Bb* = 3213 = Bbadd9 but sounds OK as Bb
[numbers indicate fingerings on a standard GCEA-tuned ukulele]

C            F                   Dm        G       C
Farewell you northern hills, you mountains all goodbye
C            F             Dm        G         C
Moorland and stony ridges, crags and peaks goodbye
C               F                  Dm    C     Dm      G
Glyder Fach farewell, Cul Beag, Scafell, cloud bearing Suilven
Am         Em           F       C          Bb* C   F
Sun warmed rock and the cold of Bleaklow's frozen sea
    Em           Dm           Em      Am    Dm  G   C
The snow and the wind and the rain of hills and mountains
Am          Em          F        C            Bb* C    F
Days in the sun and the tempered wind and the air like wine,
        Em            Dm                Em
And you drink and you drink till you're drunk
       Am  Dm G C
On the joy of living

Farewell to you my love, my time is almost done
Lie in my arms once more until the darkness comes
You filled all my days, held the night at bay, dearest companion
Years pass by and are gone with the speed of birds in flight
Our life like the verse of a song heard in the mountains
Give me your hand then love and join your voice with mine
We'll sing of the hurt and pain
And the joy of living

Farewell to you my chicks, soon you must fly alone
Flesh of my flesh, my future life, bone of my bone
May your wings be strong, may your days be long, safe be your journey
Each of you bears inside of you the gift of love
May it bring you light and warmth and the pleasure of giving
Eagerly savour each new day and the taste of its mouth
Never lose sight of the thrill
And the joy of living

Take me to some high place of heather, rock and ling
Scatter my dust and ashes, feed me to the wind
So that I will be part of all you see, the air you are breathing
I'll be part of the curlew's cry and the soaring hawk
The blue Milkwort and the Sundew hung with diamonds
I'll be riding the gentle wind that blows through your hair
Reminding you how we shared
In the joy of living
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