Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - The World Is Alive chords

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It's a simple song, so I'll let you work out the strumming. The timings aren't 
100% accurate, I've mostly timed the chords by the vocal line. 

Ezra plays the chords as follows, in standard tuning:
G:   320033
C/G: 332010 (though don't stress the low G too much)
Em:  022000
G/B: x20033
D/A: x00232 (I know you probably just think of this as a D chord, but technically it's D/A)

G C/G x 4
G                      C/G
There is life on this planet
And I know because I've seen it
                      G/B         D/A      G
It is waiting in the slimiest of Saturday nights
There's a white haunted moon
Hanging over the lagoon
                  G/B          D/A    C/G
It was made for a moment just such as this
                      G           D/A      C/G
There is love in the eyes of the birds and bees
                   G         D/A    C/G
There are plastic bags in suburban trees
Keep your eyes open all the time
       D/A                          C/G
And I think you'll find there's no place to hide
         Am       D/A
And the world is alive

(Between the verses, strum a few times with all the strings muted with your left hand)

G                        C/G
There are sailors on the ocean
Little kids with crazy notions
                          G/B          D
And their heads are gonna spin like a tornado
G                      C/G
There's a Bible by the TV
And the curtains blowing freely
                   G/B      D        G
In this hotel room make my heart do flips
C\G                  G            D      C/G 
There's a bush that burns but is not consumed
                    G         D     C/G
There's a glass of milk in an empty room
There's a song at the heart of it all
        D                    C/G
And we all try hard just to write it down
         Am             D
But you can't write it down

G C/G x4
End on G
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