Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - Wild Feeling chords

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			     WILD FEELING - Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
Tabbed by: bengtaaron

Closing track off the album 'Mysterious Power'

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used:

E - 079990
B - 799877 (verse) / x2444x (pre-chorus and chorus)
C#m - x46654
A - 577655 (verse) / x02220 (pre-chorus and chorus)

E                       B     
A wild feeling gripped me hard in the night
B                       C#m                        
I looked out on my green backyard in the night
A                      E                    B
My little eyes suddenly starred in the night began to grow
E                       B
I stood in that lit window frame in the night 
B                       C#m
I danced just barely like a flame in the night
A                      E                     B
And if you ever feel the same in the night let me know

C#m   B   A
A   B   A
C#m   B   A
A   B   A

(repeat verse pattern)
An inconvenient thing arose in my heart
The day you went and stuck your nose in my heart
And all the cold things that had froze in my heart melted down
The melting ice it formed a pool in my heart
Something warmed all that was cool in my heart
I realized I had been a fool in my heart until now

A                    C#m    B
As I wait for wisdom to arrive
A                    C#m   B
I try to live and feel alive
A                     C#m          B         A   
I try to remember all that's died and gone
A                     C#m        B
For there are certain secrets no one knows
A                      C#m         B
A wild feeling grows and grows 
A                      C#m            B
And love's a kite that blows and blows 
But hold on

(repeat verse pattern)
Things I know I can't deny in my room
The angels sings to me and fly in my room
I open up my little eye in my room after sunset
But in the morning I go out of my room
The world of men fills me with doubt of my room
That's why I sing this song about my bedroom so I won't forget

(repeat pre-chorus)

(repeat verse)
I don't see defeat or despair in the world
I don't see things that are not there in the world
I'm just a kid without a care in the world all a-spin
And if you ever feel alone in the world
You can call me on the phone in the world
I know you're just like me, no home in the world but the wind

(repeat chorus)
And we are entering a wild age
The words will rise up from the page
The storm so long hushed with rage again
And honesty will make you free
The streams that take us to the sea
Will overflow and that will be the end	

(end on E, then pluck the open bottom E string and let ring)
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