Faces - Ooh La La tab

Ohh La La
The Faces

Guitar 1 - Capo 7, standard tuning
Intro & Verse      Chorus
    D     Em7         D     Em7    G
 b|--3------3----| |--3-------3----0--|
Gb|--0------1----| |--0-------1----1--|
 D|--0------0----| |--0-------0----0--|
 A|--0------2----| |--0-------2----2--|
 E|--2------0----| |--2-------0----3--|
 B|--3-----------| |--3---------------|

Guitar 2 - NO Capo, standard tuning
   D                Em7                       |repeats w variationss
e|-2--2-2------------0--0 0-------------------|2-|
      ^ ^               ^ ^

watch and learn timing from the master, Privetricker:

also, i thought The ending of Rushmore was the most enjoyable way to hear this,
but the enthusiastic fan who joins rod stewart onstage to hold the lyric up,
steals the show : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo2IhkzVCRs
(Rod Stewart plays in a different key, so above does not apply)
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