Fair To Midland - The Wife The Kids And The White Picket Fence chords

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The Wife, the Kids, and the White Picket Fence by Fair to Midland (Fables from a 
Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True)
Tabbed by: Sludge

Am         F       C                G
Mail order brides, turtlenecks, and trophy wives
Am               F        
Had the ways and means to breach
C              G
The borders of easy street
C                  G
And to blend right in
We all surrounded them
     F            C
In a white picket fence
    G         C
Now both ends meet

Sufficed to say there's a time and a place
So I wait
        G                         Em
For the tug-of-war and who you'll pull for
F                                                     Am
While between you and me from point A to point B is a fine line
     C                      G
That burns at both our good ends

Am          F          C            G
2 peas in a pod, a battleaxe, and a bastard child
Am             F
took one step more
    C                    G
and went straight to the source
C                  G
and to blend right in
they opened fire with
their rain checks spent
   C    G    C
to make ends meet


Go on, paint the whole town red
I'd rather follow who cleans up the mess
G        D
And so I wait.

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