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Fairport Convention - Now Be Thankful tab

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Now Be Thankful 

A        E        D                 Bm
When the stone is grown too cold to kneel
A          E      D       E          
In crystal waters I'll be bound
A       E         D            Bm              E
Cold as stone and weary to the sounds upon the wheel
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A      E        D                 Bm
Now be thankful for good things below
A      E        D       E
Now be thankful to your maker
A       E          D                  Bm  A  E     Bm  A  E
For the rose, the red rose blooms for all to know

When the fire is grown too fierce to breathe
In burning irons I'll be bound
Fierce as fire weary to the sounds upon the wheel


Verse 1 + Chorus

by: Josť Duarte
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