Fairport Convention - Time Will Show The Wiser chords

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Time Will Show The Wiser 

Intro: D  C  (2X)

D                C               G          D 
My mind keeps on telling me that this is no good
                C            G          D 
And my heart is aching, that tells me I should
         C         G        D     Intro
But only time will show the wiser

I've fallen in love with a girl that's not mine
If I take her it will hurt him, a very best friend of mine
But I know that I need someone, to hold, to love
And my mind says I shouldn't but my heart says I should

Em       D                   C         G          D    
   And I don't know which to go by, my mind or my heart
                  C            G           D
And this is so confusing, it's tearing me apart
Time, it will show the wiser

Well, I wish someone would help me, this decision is mine
And my morals and emotions are hard to combine
And there is no easy way out to limit the time
That it takes till she finds out for the love that I hide

And I don't know which to go by...

by: Josť Duarte
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