Fairweather - Southstreet 1 Am chords

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Fairweather - Southstreet, 1 AM

Intro: Dsus2 G7M x6

Dsus2          G7M                    Dsus2
Philadelphia today, a face my eyes to see
             G7M            Dsus2
Cold wind to move a tape of songs
                 G7M                        Dsus2
For this time in youth, a score I've set to you
And images of a world that's passing...

Dsus2            G7M
Lay me down I'll sleep for days
Dsus2        G7M
And dream of you
Dsus2            G7M
Lay me down I'll sleep for days
Dsus2               G7M
Dreams subtract the distance

Intro: Dsus2 G7M x4

Dsus2             G7M                      Dsus2
Attention paid to leaves slowly turn their shades
                  G7M              Dsus2
Ignore increasing miles that argue with
              G7M                     Dsus2
A decision to come, despite my better thought
But I can't argue with my...

Dsus2               G7M
From this house for roads and hours
Dsus2     G7M
I swallow hard
Dsus2               G7M
For your words this drives existence
Dsus2           G7M
I can't wait to see you

Ending: Dsus2 G7M (I don't know the lyrics here just hum along)

Dsus2     G7M
e-0       e-2
B-3       B-0
G-2       G-0
D-0       D-0
A-0       A-2
E-x       E-3
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