Fake Problems - Crest On The Chest chords

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easy shit.

Crest On the Chest

G	D    	     C	         G   	  G	     D	            C
Every time I see Jackson, Mississippi, I never hated you more. 
The last time was the straw that broke the camel's back. 
It was more than an insult. 
So I decided to end it, yeah I tried to forget it. 
Push on through to Houston-town tonight.

So I call a girl who lives down in Texas, 
see if she’ll come out to a show. 
She never came, oh she never comes. 
She was never much for showing.

Now I try to find a girl for me every night. 
Found one down in Lafayette, Louisiana. 
She had the prettiest green eyes you’d ever seen 
and she promised she'd take care of me.

G  D  C
At least for tonight.

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