Fall Out Boy - Where Did The Party Go chords

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Verse 1
     Dm         F         C    Gm         Dm          F       C   Gm
I'm here to collect your hearts; it's the only reason that I sing
           Dm         F               C          Gm       Dm  F  C  Gm
I don't believe a word you say but I can't stop listening
This is the story of how they met
             C        Dm
Her picture was on the back of a pack of cigarettes
When she touched him, he turned ruby red
A story that they'll never forget, never forget

             Dm               A#         C
And all the boys are smoking menthols, girls are getting back rubs
Dm              A#         C
I will drift to you if you make yourself shake fast enough
Gm                            A#                     C
My old aches become new again; my old friends become exes again

Dm      F            C    A#   Dm   F         C        A#
Woah, where did the party go? We're ending it on the phone
Dm       F        C     A#    Dm     F            C     A#
I'm not gonna go home alone; woah, where did the party go?

       Dm     F       C     A#
Na na na na na na na na na na  

Verse 2
   Dm       F        C  Gm         Dm   F      C   Gm
I know I expect too much and not enough all at once
           Dm         F              C     Gm         Dm  F  C  Gm
You know I only wanted fun then you got me all fucked up on love
Oh, I looked for your name on the Ouija Board 
          C    Dm
And your naked magic (oh Dear Lord)
You and me are the difference between real love
And the love on TV (love on TV)


            Dm                F                 C        Gm
We were the kids who screamed, 'We weren't the same' in sweaty rooms
           Dm            F               C           Gm
Now we're doomed to organizing walk-in closets like tombs
        Dm          F               C      Gm
Silent film stars stuck in talking cinema life
          Dm          F           C         Gm
So let's fade away together one dream at a time

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