Farewell Milwaukee - Coming Round To Get You chords

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Okay this is my first tab ever, I got it off of their video so I'm pretty sure that it's 
right. Let me know if I got anything wrong!

Capo 5

Intro: C Am Dm Am G

C                  Am
Roll your windows up
    Dm       Am          G
The sound is coming in quick
C                      Am
The night is getting black
        Dm      Am G
And its making us sick
C                    Am
My eyes getting tired
Dm                 Am     G
Watching you lose again (?)

F              G           C       G
Ba badadada badada ba da da da da da

C                                        G
Dont you know that theyre coming round to get you
Standing right behind you
        Am                       G
Their eyes are fixed on me too
C                                G
Can't you feel all the dirt from their money
The leather from their briefcase
        Am                  G                C
The chill from their cold, cold hearts

C Am Dm Am G

C                          Am
Sit down without question
Dm                   Am                  G
They never will believe in you again
C                               Am
Lace up your favorite shoes
       Dm      Am        G
And let the sunlight in
          C                                  Am
Cause tomorrow we're going diving
Dm                 Am            G
Right off that covered (?) bridge

F              G           C       G
Ba badadada badada ba da da da da da

Chorus x2

C Am Dm Am G C

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