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Farewell Milwaukee - Morning Stars chords

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One of my favorite bands since I saw them at the Turf about a year ago, almost my entire
family sees them every time they play.  I've witnessed my parents cancel on a party
when they found out about a show last minute - a party they were supposed to host... (I 
would normally avoid any band my parents are so into, but Farewell Milwaukee is too good 
to miss)

If you see this, you guys are all incredible.  Keep it up.  Remember your first die hard
fans when you make it huge - If you don't, it's only more evidence that the real
artists aren't appreciated in their time.

See you at the Cedar on the 13th.  My parents bought about 15 tickets to bring everyone
they know and are still trying to talk me into giving up my extra ticket.  Give a shout
out to the Trainor family if you get a chance, they'd get a big kick out of that.


Capo 6

Am                                     F                          C
Well there's something about you that reminds me of the morning stars
Am                                   F                     C
They fade with the night when the daylight's beating 'em down
Am                              F                   C
Like a junkie they beg for the sun to give them a round
Am                               F                   C
But its taken a toll and they fight to keep holding on

Em                      Am        G        F
           C   G   C
They don't even try to find their way back home and neither do you
Em                             Am   G     F
But no ones ever stopped the day from breaking and neither can you
G            C
Neither can you

F                               C            G
You gotta run like a river and cry like the rain
F                             C    G
When you fall down hard stand up again
F                                   C      G
When loves in your eyes you gotta let her in
Am         C       F
Just stop running away
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