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Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On chords

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I tried the other tab that's on this site and it was good, but I thought there was still
a bit missing.  So, I watched a video of him playing it acoustically and I think this
is pretty close to it.  When he was plying it, I think he had all his guitar strings 
tuned down a whole step so instead of playing an F he played a G.  I took the liberty of
writing the tab for standard tuning.  Some chords are played longer and/or shorter than 
others.  To get the timing right listen to the song and play along with it.

F, G7, C7, Dm, G7, C7, F

F, F+, G7, C7


I hope this helps a bit to those wanting to play the song.  One love, peace in the
middle east.
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