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Father John Misty - Well You Can Do It Without Me chords

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Father John Misty - Well, You Can Do It Without Me 
Capo 1

Intro: B7 A E 2x

If you see a flaming sword in your dreams at night
And feel inspired to assign me up to the front line
              E                        B7             E
Well give the order, you'll storm the border without me

If they tell you you're a genius but you need some proof
Ask anybody on the payroll to go out with you
         E                      B7              E
If they avoid ya, then they'll award ya definitely

Nobody that's around just seems to get it right
How hard is it to follow just a few guidelines
And smile while you do it

If you want a page written 'bout you in the book
But you need a food tester 'cause you curse the cook
                 E               B7          E        
I'll take some wine but you can dine without me

Without me
Who would let you play God          B7
And make-believe that all the blasphemy               
Is coming only from me?

If you're bound for the throne but the king won't die
I can occupy the queen but that's for her and I
I can do her and you'll be ruler without me 

Yeah you can do it
            B7            E       A       E
But you can do it without me
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