Father John Misty - This Is Sally Hatchet chords

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Capo on first fret - all chords relative to said capo.

Chords used:
B7:  x21202
C/G: 332010
G:   3x0003
F#7: 242322
Bm:  x24432
E:   022100
Am:  x02210
D7:  xx0212
Em:  022000


B7   C/G    G   (x2)


Bm          E           Am    F#7
Born the daughter of a comedian

Middle of the eighties

                  F#7 B7   E               C/G
Someone turn that aw-ful   mouth-breathing down

Or else

Bm    E                  Am          F#7
Sally Hatchet lives in a hole in the ground

    C/G                                         F#7   B7        E            
The longer it keeps raining the more she has to struggle to maintain a

wonderful time

Oh yeah

D7          Em           C/G
  Go on and laugh it up without me

         D7          Em   C/G
I've got smoke in my lungs

      D7              Em   C/G
And a past life in the trunk


Intro played again

Bm      E              Am       F#7
Clearly rattled by the way that she 

empties a few clips out

            F#7    B7
Do I have a choice now

           E               C/G
Point that thing away from me

Lady, oh oh oh

Play intro chords a bunch of times for the outro stuff that goes on. And there you have it!
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