Fay Lovsky - Christmas Was A Friend Of Mine chords

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Capo on 1st 

D5 - Am7/D - Dsus2i - Dsus2                                                                
D7 - Am7/D - Dsus2i - Dsus2      2x 

D                         Am/D                                          
  Every year lasted too         long, 
with     easter bunnies, 
  birthday cards,
     A                   A7                                           
And     seaside outings      in the summer, 
D                    Am/D                                               
  only to break the        long
C                   G                                                
  Gap of time that     stretched between 
     A                     C9                                         
the     one and the other      Christmas

(C9)                              Gm7                                   
    Christmas in the sixties was       fine
      C9                                Gm7                            
With     candles, goodies, presents and      wine
B9                               E9                                   
   ´peace on earth´ was real, it      seemed
     B9                 E6               A              A13     A7 -      D -                
And     love a word as     yet not ob -     scene, no,      no 

(D)                           Am/D                                      
   Watching the season pa -         rade 
C                  G                                                 
  Dying trees and     neon spars 
     A                 A7                                             
and    plastic santas      for a penny 
D                  Am/D                                                
  urging to cele -       brate, 
C - G -
A                      C9                                            
  Here comes another,     Christmas

(C9)                           Gm7                                      
    Christmas was a jolly old       time
      C9                               Gm7                              
With      billy smart´s and auld lang       syne
B9                                 E9                                  
    ´peace on earth´ was real, it     seemed
     B9                 E6               A               A13     A7 -      D -               
And     love a word as      yet not ob -     scene, no,      no 

(D) - Am/D -      C - G -      A - A7      2x 
C9 - Gm7      2x 
B9 - E6 -      B9 - E6 - A - A13 - A7 

D                                (D)                                 
  Christmas tree smell and those     silvery bells
(D)                 A             D                                     
   Christmas was a     friend of     mine/

Am/Di - Am7/D - F/D - Am7/D - Dsus2 

D                Em                                                   
  Pa pa pam pam      paa 
         D/F#                 A7sus4                                         
dam, pa        pam pam paa -          dam 
                 D              Em        D/F# -                             
Christmas was a     friend, of      mine 
A7sus4                           D                Em                         
       Merry-, Merry-, Merry-,     Merry-, Merry      Christmas
           D/F#                  A7sus4                                      
Everybody        All around the         world

D                 Em          D/F#                                          
  Christ - mas -      time -          and
        Everybody have a 
D                                    Em -                              
  good time coming in top to me yeah 
     Christmas time is here again
        Been around since you-know-when
D                 Em                                                  
  Happy new year      happy new year 
D/F#                                   A7sus4                                
      I hope that everyone all have a          happy new year//

D5     x577xx
Am7/D  x5758x
Dsus2i x57755
Dsus2  x5775x
D7     x57575
D      xx0232
Am/D   xx0210
C      x32010
G      320003
A      x02220
A7     x02020
C9     x3233x
Gm7    353333
B9     x2122x
E6     02212x
A13    x02022
Am/Di  x57555
F/D    x57565
Em     0x2000
D/F#   2x0232
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