Feeder - Children Of The Sun chords

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  Am Am/G F#m  D Dsus4

Am                      Am/G
Standing in an open space,
Surrounded by views as you escape,
D  Dsus4
You find a place.
Am                      Am/G
Forgotten what its like to lose,
Freedom and the right for you to choose,
D  Dsus4
Its theirs to take

F#m                     G
As we go, through this life,
Am              C      Am/G   F#m
Things can get a little bit twisted from time to time,
F#m                     G
But we know, when its right.

Am      C              Am/G           
Its then we go, we take fire from the sun,
F#m  Am        C      Am/G           D  Dsus4
This planets cold, well find some place we belong,
        C               Am/G
Weve been shining in the dark,
D  Dsus4 
Holding on together,
        Am      C      Am/G   F#m
Just like children of the sun.
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