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Feeling Left Out - Amandas Poem About Unicorns tab

Tabbed by some unknown guy, so credits go for me!
Tuning: eBGDAE
I remember I saved this tab a year ago I think, and well I realized there was almost no 
tabs in here and I couldn’t find Amanda’s poem anywhere! since the site I firstly found 
got owned or sth :]

Intro/verse (2x)

"Imagining you being asleep..."

After Intro

"Wake you from your sleep..."

2nd verse (Intro/verse 2x)
"I revel in your soothing touch..."

3rd verse (2x)

"Lend me your soul..."


"My fingers touch the back of your neck..."

"Even moonlight..."

repeat 3rd verse (2x)
"The snap of your laughter..."

picking part (2x)

"To hell with heaven..."


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