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Fernando Sor - Allegro In C tab

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Allegro in C - Fernando Sor

Easy piece this. Work to a speed that suits you.

p - thunb
i - index finger
m - middle finger

e -------------------------------3-1--1-0--------------|
B -------------1-0--0---3-1--1-0----------1--------1-0-|
G --0------0----------2------0======--2-----2--0-------|
D -----------2------3======----------------------2-----|
A -----------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------|
    i      m p m i  m i m i  m i m i  m i m i  m p m i
                    p        p

e ----------------0-------------|
B --0---3--1--1-0---3---1====---|
G ----2-------0-----------------|
D --3---0-----------------------|
A ----------------------3====---|
E ----------------3-------------|
    m i m i   m i m i   m
    p   p     p   p     p

That's it. Just play it twice and you're done.

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