Fever Ray - Nows The Only Time I Know chords

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Now's the Only Time I Know

Fever Ray

From The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson's 2009 solo release, Fever Ray. It sounds great barred, but
it may be a bit easier with a capo on the 3rd fret. I included the chord translation below the song.
Karen raises her voice from D#sus2 to D# at "snow" on the last line.


Cm - Csus2 - G
Cm - Csus2 - Gm
Fm - D#sus2

Cm           Csus2  Gm
Dark brown hair and eyelash
C      Csus2  Gm
Reappear in a flash
Fm                  D#sus2
Now's the only time I know

Cm            Csus2  Gm
Early morning's greatest deed
Cm            Csus2  Gm
What's forsaken, I do not need
Fm                    D#sus2
There is water, there is snow

Settling down door and room
Keep it tidy, keep it like a home
Now's the only time I know

Come here, sparrow watch my hand
Black and blue seeds
That's what my hand can
Now's the only time I know

Cm - Csus2 - G
Cm - Csus2 - Gm
Fm - D#sus2

Do my hair, paint eyelash
Reappear in a flash
There is more I'd like to know

Nine-fifteen, then I'm done
Quiet front seat, then drive around
Fm                        D#sus2  D#
Through the water, through the snow

Capo on 3rd fret variation:
C = Am
Csus2 - Asus2
G = Em
Fm = Dm
D#sus2 = Csus2
D#m = C

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