Fex Rossi - Dixie No Youre Done chords

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Artist: Fex Rossi
Song: Dixie, no you´re done
Author: Waylon Jennings

         G                            F
Oh Dixie,  hang your head and cry 
                    C                        C    Am   C
you have seen  so many children die 
                   G                    F
you had courage  and you had pride 
              C                                  C      Am   C
but the Union  could never see your side 
     G           F    C                  G
at all,  oh, oh, oh   not at all 

         G                       F
oh Dixie,  now the land is scarred 
                              C                              C     Am           C
the States are bleeding,   they're wounded and marred 
              G                    F
Mister Lincoln isn't here to lend a hand 
                    C                           C      Am           C
now he's gone   and bitter hate rules the land 
              G                 F    C                                        G
you're done,   oh, oh, oh    Dixie, now you're done 

As performed y Fex Rossi.
Just pulse the chords once.

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