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Fiction Family - Look For Me Baby tab

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Now, before you get started I'd like you to check out these videos:

1) This guys cover is great. He plays it differently than this tab, but it's what I 
it off of.

2) This is me playing the uke to these chords and then I play the acoustic with these chords.


Chords used:

     C     C7   F   G# A2  Fm Dsus  D   F* Fm*

Fiction Family
"Look For Me Baby"
Standard Tuning

Verse 1 (played by just the uke)
[ Tab from: ]
C                            C7
What you hold dear starts to disappear
          F                        G#
you can tell what you trust by the things that you feared
       C              A2-F          G           C
you can look for me baby but baby i'll be long gone

Verse 2 (Rest of the banf comes in)

C                 C7
I warned you, you white washed tunes
F                     G#
 free from the wrath, as all men do
         C            A2-F        G             C       C7
you can look for me baby but baby i'll be long gone

everybody knows
everybody knows
               C                         A2
that i'm the fight that can only end in bones
                      Dsus  D
you can say i show to go
or that i only go to shows


(Same as verse 1)

you can give my regards to your house of cards
your dead eye stars and your pharisee shards

you can look for me baby but baby i'll be long (x3)

After the last line is sung there's a little walk down bit. The chords are:

C C C7 C7 F* F* Fm* Fm* G  C


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