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Fireflight - Myself chords

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             Am              F
You turned a page inside my heart,
             G                          E
Brought the light when my world was so dark.
             Am               F
I feel some-thing I canít ex-plain.
         G                        E
You con-sumed me and took on my shame.

                F                               Am
PRE-CHORUS:     Everything is gone that held me down.
                Your arms are a-round me.
                F                                Am
                All the pain has left my selfish heart,
                And Your love, it sur-rounds me.

         Am           F              G
CHORUS:  You woke me up and made me learn to love
         More than myself.
         Am           F             G
         You took my hand before I knew there was
         E               Am
         More than myself. (2nd ending to bridge)

             Am               F
Eyes opened wide, I see Your face.
         G                               E
For the first time Iím not in my way.
            Am              F
A love like  I  have never known.
           G                          E
A veil is lifted, now Iím not a-lone. (PRE-CHORUS to CHORUS)

          F          G                             Am
BRIDGE: Now that I know Iíve finally found my home,
                Am     Dm  G   F
        This life is not my own.
        (F)             G                     Am  G  E
        Whatever we go through, I will follow You.
(to CHORUS, x2 then end tacet)
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