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Fireflight - Name chords

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Don't hate, I had to do this by ear, so some parts may be slightly off but it 
sounds accurate to me. The chord alignment has been messed up but im sure you can 
hear where to change chords, if you listen to the song it's obvious. Enjoy!

Capo 1

Intro C F C G

C                               F         C
Seven days old in the ICU tonight Little baby boy
They don't want to have to say goodbye
Am                      G      F                      C
Your mother's on the phone, your father's in the hall
F                           Am     G
Praying, "God save his life"


C                 Em
He sees you, He's near you
He knows your face
He knows your pain
C                 Em
He sees you, and He loves you
He knows your name
      G       F     C
He knows your name

Four doors down
              F                                 C
There's a man who just won't wake up
He crashed so hard
             F                                  C
And the doctors want to pull the plug
Am                      G      F                  C
Your wife is by your side, saying not tonight
F                          Am    G
Praying God will just show up


Maybe you're alone
C                            F
In the corner of an empty house
Or maybe you're the one
F                        Am       G
No one notices in the crowd

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