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First Aid Kit - Emmylou chords

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First Aid Kit - Emmylou (2012)
Album: The Lion's Roar

Transcribed by: Carly Girvan
My first tab!
Tuning: Standard E (Capo on 6th fret!)

C Em Am Fmaj7
C Fmaj7 Am G
Am G Fmaj7 C

      C         Em        Am       Fmaj7
Oh the bitter winds are coming in, 
      C             Em           Am           Fmaj7
And Im already missing the summer. 
   C             Em         Am         Fmaj7
Stockholms cold but Ive been told 
     C           Em                     Am       Fmaj7
I was born to endure this kind of weather.
       C       Em            Am              Fmaj7
When its you I find like a ghost in my mind, 
   C                     Em                   G
Im defeated and I gladly wear the crown. 

C                                     Fmaj7
I'll be your Emmylou and I'll be your June 
Am                                           G
And youll be my Graham and my Johnny too. 
C                            Fmaj7
No, Im not asking much of you 
       Am           G                        C
Just sing little darling, sing with me.

Verse: (Same chords as first verse)

C Em Am Fmaj7

So much I know, that things just dont grow 
If you dont bless them with your patience. 
And Ive been there before, I held up the door 
For every stranger with a promise.
But Im holding back, 
Thatís the strength that I lack, 
Every morning keeps returning at my window. 
And it brings me to you, 
And I won't just pass through, 
But Im not asking for a storm. 


Am         G          Fmaj7           C
And yes, I might have lied to you,
Am                G            Fmaj7                     C
You wouldnt benefit from knowing the truth.
Am     G                  Fmaj7         C
I was frightened but I held back,
Am       G         Fmaj7      C
I need you now at long last.

Chorus x 2 

      Am             G                     C
Just sing little darling sing with me 
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