Fitz And The Tantrums - We Dont Need No Love Songs chords

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                        We Don't Need No Love Songs
                           Fitz and the Tantrums

This is a great song.  I tabbed out all the chords that are used.  
Some of the names look scary but they aren't too difficult to learn.
Notice the alternate shape for the Ebmaj7.  That shape sounds way better
than the more orthodox shapes for maj7 chords you may be familiar with.
The ending may not be completely accurate if you're trying to sound exactly
like the recording but it gets the job done.  Enjoy!


  Bb  Bbmaj7  Bbmaj9  Gm   Dm   D7   Gm  Ebmaj7  Cm   F   Fsus4
We don't need no love song
Bbmaj7       Bbmaj9
To tell the world
How hopeless we feel
          Dm        D7
When it's dead and gone
I've been lost without a reason
To keep going on
The truth is you won't
          F             Fsus4
be coming back here no more
Cause we don't need no love songs
To feel the pain
Everybody's been through love in vain
We're fools for the heartaches
And blind to the soul
Can't feel the cut
Until the blood hits the floor
Dm                   Gm
And it hurts so good
Dm                   Gm
To feel the way lonely should
Dm                   Gm
Sorrow or comfort  Joy is just a name
    Cm               Dm
You give to her forgiveness
Eb                         F      Fsus4  F
And you take with you the blame
I don't need no love song
To make it real
I saw you coming
And this is how I feel
The truth it can be painful
It hurts to be told
The song is almost over
And it's time to move on
Cause we don't need no love song
We don't need no love song
We don't need no love song 

Ending: (Start playing this when you get the F of the regular progression)

    F     Fsus4     Adim   Ebmaj7(b5)   Bb
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