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Five Iron Frenzy - World Without An End tab

Five Iron Frenzy - World Without End Lyrics 

Intro-D,G,Em,Asus,A (x2)

Verse 1
D                                   G
For all the deepest thoughts compiled,
philosophy to laws of physics,
no one's ever heard or seen,
       A             E
a more beautiful thing,
than this love that saved us.

D                 G
In the soundless awe and wonder,
Em                   Asus   A
words fall short to hope again.
How beautiful,
how vast your love is,
new forever,
Asus     A
world without an end.

Intro thing-D,G,Em,Asus,A (x2)

Verse 2
D                                 G
The very spark that burns the stars,
drew near to me today,
the God of everything that is,
       A          E 
whispered in my ear that His love is boundless.

Hey, Yeah this not even anything like the one on the cd's, but this is how i play it
at church and school and such...I just wanted to share it with yall. And no, its not
even in the same pitch/key as the the cd, but i cant sing that high. ANyways hope you
enjoy and atleast give it a try.

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