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Flaming Lips - Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles chords

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*Amazing song, can't believe it's not already on here. catefeet

E	            A	   A	           E
Cats killing dogs, pigs eating rats
E		                     A	       D		           E
Every mouth will eat you up, the king bug laughs
E	              A	     A		            E
Belly of the heart, belly full of bats
         E			           A		             D	D	D	D
The chromosomes seem not to want the fetus

               E                   A
They beat you up, they make you bleed
             D		         E
Sticking needles in your knees
          E            A
Knowing God will be pleased
                  D		D
Should make it easy
E	               A	     A	          E
Snakes eating frogs, Toads eating gnats
E		                   A	       	   D		            E
When the spaceship beams you up, boy, get drunk fast
E	             A       A		            E
Rubber bullet barn, titty-sucking calf
E		                   A			                D	D	D	D
Goats and roosters, bees and bugs, amoebas

(repeat chorus)
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