Flaming Lips - They Punctured My Yolk chords

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Title:  "They Punctured My Yolk"
Album:  Clouds Taste Metallic
Artist: The Flaming Lips

This is my first submission, enjoy.

C          Dm
They never called me

G         C
Up to the tower.

C          Dm
We gave it to them

G            C
They had the power.

And power is the thing

     C                      G
That made you take off from me.

C                       Dm
We trained hard for the mission

G            C
All floating over.

C                    Dm
Though we're in zero gravity

G            C
It pulled us closer.

(The little interlude between verses)

C                       Dm
We were once off to the planets

G          C
Inside our spacesuits.

C                        Dm
Now I'm left here on the landing

G            C
The rocket's flame boost.

And it's leaving without me

    C                 Bm
And you go off to the stars

B Asus4 A
(Transition into 3rd verse, and new key)

D                           Em
Goodbye goodbye look as the clouds burst

A               D
They're growing taller.

D                              Em
And as your ship leaves in the distance

A             D
My world gets smaller.

And it takes you worlds away

  D                        A
A million light-years from me.

D Em A
(Outro with solo over progression)
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