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Flaming Lips - The Gash chords

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Artist: The Flaming Lips
  Song: The Gash

 Album: The Soft Bulletin
Artist: The Flaming Lips

Is that gash in your leg really why you have stopped
Cause I've noticed all the others though they're gashed they're stiull going
cause I feel like the real reason that you're quitting is that you're admitting
            A            G              A
that you've lost all the will to battle on

         D         E
Will the fight for sanity
       C#m            F#m
Be the fight of our lives
               D            E
Now that we've lost all the reasons
       C#m               E
That we thought that we had

Still the battle that we're in rages on til the end
With the explosions words are open sights and smells
eyes and noses, but the thought that went unspoken
was understanding that you're broken - still the last
      G           A     G
volunteer battles on,     
        A      G
battles on, 
battles on...
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