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Fleetwood Mac - Red Rover tab

I couldn't find this anywhere but i bought a special book that showed the chords.
Its not how Lindsey plays it with the alternate tuning but it is the same chords.

Red Rover
Fleetwood Mac
Say You Will

Bb       F/A      Eb/G        Dm7/F
why do you come around....

Eb   Bb
You know it just...

Eb      F
It's just something...

repeat ^


Gm7     Cm7
Anyone at all

Gm7     Cm7
could see what was missing

Gm7    Cm7
Could see you were dying

Dm7         Cm7
Though no one was crying

repeat ^ x4

Bb Eb        Bb Eb
red rover red rover red rover

Bb Eb         Dm7 Cm7
we've come we've come wev'e come to take you over


repeat verse and chorus

end on Bb

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