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Fleetwood Mac - Sweet Girl tab

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Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:03:27 EST
From: MZarou 
Subject: Tab: Sweet Girl

Song: Sweet Girl
Group: Fleetwood Mac
CD: The Dance
Tabber: ( formally known as RZarou )

Riff 1

   A             D(9)           A               E

(play this throughout the verses)

Riff 2
[ Tab from: ]
   F5   G5   A5
D--3----5----7--* (play this throughout the chorus)

Verse 1

And he says, "What do you love to do?
Outside your world,
Who spends time with you?
Whom do you love when you're not working?
Sweet Girl...

Verse 2

Where would you go,
If you had the time?
Crossing some crazy State-line somewhere?
To whom do you cry?
People are unkind,
Sweet Girl..."


But I chose to dance across the stages of the world.
Everyone said I'd never learn...
And I still hear your words, "Well, I waited all my
life for you....Sweet Girl..."

Verse 3

I did try to come back and listen...
you never knew it...
I didn't wish it...
And I did hear every answer of every question...
It's all about protection....

Verse 4

Still through the sunlight days I wait...
Track a ghost through the fog....
The sun is burning me...
And you come runnin' out...
In the wind with me...
The ocean is your blanket...
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