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Flight 409 - Beauty In A Car Crash Acoustic tab

Beauty in a Car Crash (Acoustic) - Flight 409

I tabbed this by ear by listening to no live performances,
So bear with my on the parts that seem incorrect  (especially the intro)


|-4-----4---------------|  repeat as needed

Verse 1:

  G#m7       Eadd9    F#
  we've...  every... unglued...


How was I supposed to know

Eadd9             F#
Retrace my steps, find my way home

Verse 2:

So I'll push my seat back as far as it will go

Eadd9               F#
Hold on tight until my lungs collapse

You can't wait till your back

I'll kiss you in the face

        Eadd9             F#
You can finally see, what we were made to be


Same as first


"My lungs collapsing!"
[ Tab from: ]

Please note that the number of strums is incorrect,
Just use that for general reference.

Brige Pt. 2:

These breaks are going out, \ 
I'm looking straight ahead     \
Eadd9                           as needed
Before we both go out,         /
  F#                         /
I loved you half to death   /

Theres beauty in a car crash

            Eadd9                   F#
When theres beauty in the breakdown

This is my big city shakedown

            Eadd9               F#
When theres beauty in the breakdown


G#m7       Eadd9  F#

Then just repeat stuff

I know this tab may be far from perfect,
But hey?  Its not that bad
Hope it helps all you people who are trying to figure out the
real way to play it!


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