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Flight Of The Conchords - Pencils In The Wind Tape Of Love tab

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Consider this an addition to a pre-existing tab created by CougarCarlson, who
made some minor errors, but nonetheless captured the overall mood and basic chord
sequence of the song.

G           G/F#              Em7    Am
    Life is like retractable pencils,
                    Am7               D    Dsus4
if you push it too hard, it's gonna break.

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It is more or less the same chord sequence throughout. To give some sort of
timing perspective, if you don't have a copy (although why you would want to play
it in this case, I'm not sure), here's a handy time guide:

Tempo: 70bpm (Folk The World tour) 77bpm (TV Series)
4/4 Time
L: Lyrics

|G| |G/F#| |Em7| | | |Am| |Am7| 

G : 	320033
G/F#:	220033
Em:	022033
Am:	x02210
Am7:	x02010
D:	x00232
Dsus4:	x00233

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