Flight Of The Conchords - Albi tab

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	       Albi The Racist Dragon - Flight Of The Conchords
Tabbed by:WastedFire

C                   Cmaj7
   In the Marmalade Forest (forest) 
Gm                       Dm  
 Between the make-believe trees 

Fm                   G
In a cottage cheese cottage
      C      Cmaj7
lives Albi (Albi) 
Gm     Dm
Albi (Albi) 
Fm         G
Albi the racist dragon

repeat chords over the talking and then

C                    Cmaj7
   So they sat in the cave (the cave!) 
Gm                   Dm   
   And ate bubblegum pie 


Fm          G
Albi  The racist....

Well, not anymore! 

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